Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro

It has been long since I have done any kind of road tripping, until recently when I went to Ponto Do Ouro in Mozambique. I had always wanted to visit Mozambique for the longest time, it always seemed difficult to coordinate transport. After a lot of searching online, one of my friends finally found a travel agency called Roadtrippers Travel. What’s great about Roadtrippers Travel is that you have the option to pay for your trip in instalments. Their tours are mostly in places around Southern Africa, with international trips to Thailand, Bali and Brazil.

After paying for our trip over two months it was time to go on our epic road trip. I didn’t know what to expect as this would be my first group travel trip. I have always travelled solo, or with family. The pick-up point was Monte Casino, check-in time was 9 pm. We joined a group of happy road trippers who were all seemingly ready to party. At 10 pm two buses left Monte Casino, since this was an overnight drive there was nothing much to see, except at the three or four pit stops we made. Sleep eluded me, as there was loud music on the bus, and most of the people were in a party mood.

The 630 km journey from Johannesburg took 10 hours, and we were at Kosi Bay Border post just before opening time at 8:00 am. Citizens from Eswatini (Swaziland), South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe do not require a tourist visa, so there was no need to worry about visa fees. The process at the border for our entire group took about 1 hour or a little more and the process was very simple.

Arriving in Ponta Do Ouro

When we arrived at Coco Resort most of the rooms were ready except a few which include ours, (just my luck). What made matters worse for me was that I was suddenly vomiting, and this carried on for the rest of the day. When our room was ready I slept it off, so I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day. The accommodation was shared, my sister Samantha and our friend Norma, shared a bedroom, the chalet had two other bedrooms so we were joined by four other people in our chalet. 

IMG 20190914 143859 1 924x1024 - Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro

The next day was a day full of activities, Samantha and I had opted to do snorkelling, while Norma had gone pub hopping, somehow the idea of pub-hopping did not seem to excite me. Since we had done a bit of snorkelling in Thailand we thought it would be the same type of experience. All I can say is that it was a bumpy ride, lots of screams, seasickness, but some of the ladies on our boat were brave enough to snorkel around the boat.

IMG 20190914 150032 1 768x1024 - Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro

We were back at the hotel by about 10 am, had breakfast, then we went exploring around the town for the rest of the afternoon. Meanwhile, the Pub hopping activity was so much fun apparently something I would have loved to do. The last event of the day was a beach a party at club/bar named Pinto’s Beach Bar.

The main activity for the last day of the weekend was a day to trip to Maputo. Since this was optional and you had to pay extra, we opted not to go. However a large number from the group did go, in hind site had I budgeted for it, it would have been great to be in Maputo even for just a day.

IMG 20190916 100045 1 - Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro

IMG 20190915 110455 1 768x1024 - Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro

For us who didn’t go to Maputo, there were no group activities, it was just a day of Lazying around, exploring the town a little more. Since this was a party weekend the last activity was a Boma party dancing around the fire. Before we knew it was time to make the 10-hour drive back Johannesburg.

IMG 20190914 154511 1 768x1024 - Road Tripping to Ponta Do Ouro


A few things to note about Ponta Do Ouro

  • The best way to get there from South Africa is through the Kosi Bay Border post
  • It is a low-risk malaria area, but it advisable to take malaria tablets which you can get over the counter
  • The local currency is Mozambican Meticals, but South Africa Rands are accepted.

That was a our weekend in Ponta Do Ouro. It was definitely epic, group travel is fun, as some of the activities are planned for you although I am glad that there was free time to wander about without the rest of the group..


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