My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

By definition a bucket list is a list of goals you want to achieve in your lifetime. Here is a list of countries that I would like to visit for my travel bucket list.  I created this list in 2016, and I must say it has helped me to plan my travel more efficiently.

Eswatini (Swaziland)

Visit Mantenga Cultural Village (100 rands) ✓

Shop for Handmade  at Swazi Candles 

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At Mantenga Cultural Village

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Hong Kong

Ride The Star Ferry (Cost HK$2.50)

Take a ride on the Hong Kong Tram (Cost HK$2.60)  ✓

Watch the Symphony of Lights on Victoria Harbour (Free) 

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On Hong Kong Island


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The Star Ferry has been carrying passenger between Hong Island and Kowloon since 1888. It is a great way to see the skyline of both Islands.


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The Hong Kong Tram is a great to experience the Hong Kong Island. It also the cheapest form of transportation on the island costing only HK$2.60


Visit Gardens by the Bay (Free some  fees may apply) ✓

Shop at Orchard Road (Some costs involved but you can find great bargains) ✓

Explore Little India & Hajj Lane (Free)

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View of the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the Gardens by the Bay.img 20190518 122314 01 1543962799 711x1024 - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List



Visit the Venetian in Macau (Free to explore) 

Explore Senado Square & Also Eat Portuguese Tarts (Free to Explore) ✓

Visit the Ruins of St Paul’s (Free) ✓

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In MacauIMG 20181010 163618 768x1024 - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List



Visit Tegenungan Waterfall (15 000 Rupiahs) ✓

Spend time at Tirta Empul Temple  (15 000 Rupiahs) ✓

Visit Uluwatu Temple (30 000 Rupiahs) ✓


img 20181014 wa0078 103612292 768x1024 - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List
Pura Ulun Danu

IMG 20181012 122300 768x1024 - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List



Island Hopping on Ko Phi Phi Islands (Costs vary )✓

Visit Bangla Road (Explore with caution)✓

Spend a Day in Old Phuket Town (Some Shopping at the Markets can be expected) ✓

img 20190513 wa0133 01 798220909 768x1024 - My Ultimate Travel Bucket List
Island hopping in Phuket


See The Taj Mahal  (1100 rupees) ✓

Visit Qutub Minar in Dehli (500 rupees) ✓

Visit Red Fort in Dehli (500 rupees) ✓

I don’t have any photos to share from my time in India.  Back then I still had a film camera and I have some printed photos and incredible memories of India.  Highlights were visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra and exploring the Pink City of Jaipur.


Explore the Bund

Visit the Great Wall of China


Take a ride on the Shinkansen

Visit Kyoto and Tokyo

Visit during Cherry Blossom Season

South Korea

Visit Gangnam


Visit Boracay Island

United Arab Emirates

Visit The Burj Khalifa

Experience a Desert Safari

Shopping at Dubai Mall


Go on Safari in Chobe National Park 


Zambia & Zimbabwe 

Visit the Victoria Falls and judge for myself the better view.


Go on Safari in the Serengeti

Visit and explore Zanzibar

Visit a Masai Village


Swim with Dolphins

Go snorkelling


Go Skiing in the


Cairo – Pyramids of Giza

River Nile Cruise


Ride the Nairobi- Mombasa Train

Have breakfast the Giraffe Manor

Visit a Masai Village


Visit the Colosseum

Go to the Vatican City


See the Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Paris Walking Tour



Visit the Herge Museum


Explore Bremen

Eat Bratwurst, sauer kraut and currywurst


Explore Bern

It would be great to visit all the countries in the world but I created this list, based on a few things i.e accessibility from one country to another like from Zambia to Zimbabwe they share a border I can be in two countries in one day.  I hope to add more countries to the list and tick off this list in the near future.

What countries are on your list, would you like to go to every country in the world if it were possible.

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