Island Hopping in Phuket (Ko Phi Phi Islands)

Day trip to Ko Phi Phi Islands
Ko Phi Phi Islands is a group of famous idyllic islands in Phuket, Thailand. To get there you need to make a booking through one of the many Travel agents you will see along the streets of Phuket. Some hotels such as Kata Sea Breeze Resorts can also assist you with bookings.

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Obviously you need to be careful when booking the trip, some people say that they have been scammed, when paying for the trip. The Agent will give you instructions about what time you need to be at your Hotel/Hostel Reception and also give you her/his contact number in case there are delays with the driver.
Things included in the Tour

  • Pick up from Hotel
  • Coffee and Snacks at the Pier
  • 4 Islands Phi Phi Don, Khai Nok, Phi Phi Lay, Khai Nok
  • Lunch at Phi Phi Don
  • Snorkeling at Khai Nui
  • Swimming and Khai Nok
  • Return to pier and transfer back to Hotel

When we went to Ko Phi Phi everything was highly organised as far I am concerned. After a short debrief and signing of indemnity forms. it was time to head out to sea.

If you are prone to seasickness you should take a tablet before the boat ride. It takes about 45 minutes on a speedboat to get the first Island which is really sightseeing as you don’t get off the boat.
The first island is Phi Phi Leh or Maya Bay, since being made popular by the famous movie “The Beach”, many people have flocked to the island, that it has had to be closed for preservation. So you can only see it from a distance as boats are not permitted near “the beach”.
The next is Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. Thankfully we didn’t have to get off the boat at Monkey Beach. I don’t see the fascination honestly.

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Next, it was time for lunch and a bit of exploration around the beautiful Phi Phi Don Island which is the largest of the four islands. We spent almost two hours here before heading out to Khai Nui Island for a bit of swimming and snorkelling.

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My first time trying snorkelling.

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Even if you are not really a swimmer you can try the snorkelling with a life jacket to help you stay afloat. I really only tried this after I saw a boy diving into the water haha.

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The last Island is Khai Nok Island we spent another hour here swimming and just generally sunbathing on the beach. After Khai Nok, it was time to head back to the pier, which was surprisingly nearer than I expected. We found our driver already waiting to take us back to our respective hotels.
Things to remember

  • Obviously, bring your swimwear.
  • If you are prone to seasickness take the tablets offered before boat cruise, don’t take more than one, as they cause some serious drowsiness.
  • Take only what is necessary, remember that you will be in the water a lot so might also need some proactive gear for cell phones and cameras.

My overall thought about the trip is that I would definitely recommend it to anyone, I had a great time and there weren’t any incidents.

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