How to stay on budget when travelling

One of the best ways to save money when travelling is to choose the cheapest countries where you can get more out of your money. But what happens when you go to some other countries like Singapore which are very expensive, you need to come up with ways to stay on budget.

How to find ways to stay on budget

Have a set itinerary

It is okay to be spontaneous, planning all the places you want to visit gives you the chance to know exactly how much you will spend.

Use public transport

Instead of using taxi’s, use the local buses or metro also if any of the local attractions are within walking distance rather walk instead. I have stumbled upon some places that were not on my itinerary this way.

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Cheap Vacation Spots

Find cheap places to visit or places that you don’t have to pay at all. Consider if there aren’t other ways you can use less money if you had to pay at an attraction. For example in Hong Kong to can save money by taking a bus to Victoria Peak, which costs HK$9.80 instead of the Peak Tram which costs HK$99. It may take longer but costs far much less to take the bus.

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Eat at the Local Places

Obviously up on everyone’s list, is trying as many exotic foods as you can. Always try to find cheap markets to eat. Also if your accommodation includes breakfast eat all you can in the morning, then have a light meal later in the day. You will be surprised how much you can save this way.

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Plan how much you will be spending if you are going to be shopping. It is easy to get carried away when you find cheaper things in certain countries.

Lastly, enjoy your holiday remember sometimes you cannot always stick to your plans.

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