Best Hiking Trails in Johannesburg

Pic 7 - Best Hiking Trails in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has many hiking trails many of them have a wide variety of wildlife, bird life, waterfalls, rivers.  If you are looking for some hiking trails to explore here are few you can try. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens  Probably the best Hiking trail in Johannesburg is the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, with luscious, […]

Hiking in Kloofendal

Pic 11 - Hiking in Kloofendal

Hiking is slowly becoming one of my favorite pastimes, over the past few months I have gone on a few hikes around Johannesburg twice to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.  This last Sunday I joined a hike organised by my sister Dumbbells and Delights at Kloofendal Nature Reserve in Roodeport. There are Four Walking trails in the Reserve, namely […]