A Celebration of Culture

The Chinese make up a small number of migrants in South Africa.   The migration of  Chinese started in the early 20th century and they settled in various parts of the nation.  At a point in time, several businesses including restaurants and grocery stores made up “Chinatown” in Ferreirasdorp an area in Johannesburg’s Commissioner Street.  Today although relatively small it is still referred to as  “First Chinatown” a second China town in Cyrildene and is referred to as “New China Town“. To usher in the Chinese New Year celebrations are held on the street very year.  This was my first visit to this event and I was surprised by how popular this event it is with the locals.


Commissioner Street - A Celebration of Culture
Commissioner Street


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Some of the products found in the supermarkets


Fusion of African and Chinese performance
Nan Hua Performing Arts Group

Entertainment started off with an impressive performance by the Nan Hua Performing Arts group whose act was a fusion of African and Chinese drumming and singing.

Tai Chi e1486054762443 - A Celebration of Culture
Tai Chi Ways

The next performance was by Tai Chi ways and Taijiquan Institute Alberton showcasing Tai Chi.  A member of their group whose name is Bianca who has used Tai Chi as part of her healing process due to a  horrific accident was also part of the touching act.

China Town 2 1024x575 - A Celebration of Culture
Amitofo Care Centre – Children performing songs and martial arts

The highlight of the performances for me were the Children from Amitolo Care Centre, they illustrated some Martial Arts and singing.  There was also Chinese singing by a group called Hua Xing Arts Group and they sang Chinese songs.  By the time the Dragon Dance was performed the street was so full I just got a glimpse of it.

China Town 5 1024x575 - A Celebration of Culture


China Town 1 e1485956117978 - A Celebration of Culture

Finally the last even for the evening was a display of Fireworks which last at least an hour.  I truly enjoyed this event and it is an event I will most probably attend again.

This year the Chinese Celebrate the “Year of the Rooster” which symbolizes Fidelity and punctuality in the Chinese Zodiac.  Another Celebration will be held in Cyrildene on Saturday 4th February.